Making mega cities water sustainable 

Founded by Vikas Brahmavar and managed alongside Gowthaman Desingh, Transwaters is providing solutions to the people of Bangalore and is soon expanding to other cities. Based in the year 2011, Transwaters provides water treatment solutions that are pocket friendly and significantly impact the environment.

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The Piplantri Model

Let’s learn about the Piplantri Model. How a Sarpanch transformed the village with the socio-environmental model – saving the girl child, growing more trees, and reviving groundwater levels.

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Why Composting?

Why composting? How often do we cook more than we can eat? Or what about the milk that has been sitting inside our refrigerator for

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Compostable Plastics Truth or Myth

Compostable plastics: Truth or Myth?

Compostable plastics are one type of material that is growing more popular as consumers desire eco-friendly alternatives. But will it really solve our plastic crisis? Let’s learn more about this.

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